447M up in the air.
Remember that time last year when my friend took me flying and I literally flew around the city and right past the CN Tower? I had never actually been up in the tower itself — I have only stood outside of it. Well last night the boyfriend changed all of that. There’s something about escaping the busy streets, chasing sunsets, and going up in the air only to look down at the very things you were escaping and view them in all of their miniature glory. Sometimes acting like a tourist in your own city can be full of surprises.

Photodump #2: some GoPro action from the top of a cliff on Manitoulin Island. Awesome hike, and great view!

Photodump #1: Flowerpot Island and The Grotto. A week in Tobermory and the surrounding area. Time to rediscover my own backyard!

Post-trip stress.

The stress from packing is always the worst. I hate packing for trips, and I don’t like thinking about packing either. Did I mention having to wake up at 5:30 am to prepare for work? It’s going to be such a long day tomorrow, considering we will be leaving Toronto around 11 pm to drive over to Tremblant…

January 24-26: Jay Peak,  Vermont

Jay Peak was pretty much everything I had expected it to be. While it was incredibly fun snowboarding there, I just wish I had stopped to take more photos! Blue skies one day,  pow day the next.  Despite the cold,  fun times were had both on and off the slopes with really good company.  Next stop: Tremblant,  Quebec!

December 30, 2013 First run of the season in preparation for Vermont.

December 30, 2013
First run of the season in preparation for Vermont.

West coast trip: California and Arizona
Arizona > The Grand Canyon

Days 9: And so continues the “sitting” photos. There are so many breathtaking views of the canyon. Everywhere you look is picturesque. I’m so glad we went on this trip! Hopefully next time we’ll be able to hike further down below the rim as well because I know there’s many more things to see there too.

Day 10 consisted of us packing our bags and saying goodbye to Pheonix, Arizona—a city so hot, you could bake a pie on your dashboard, literally. We tried, and to our surprise, it worked! Our trip on the way back home, however, didn’t run as smoothly as we had planned. Although our hotel was located across the street from the airport, we had to go through a maze just to return our rental car, and by the time we actually got ourselves into the airport, we missed our direct flight. It was quite the hassle getting our flights changed for the same day, and there were times when we both felt like we weren’t going to make it back. Lots of running was involved between terminals. Combine that with very tight windows between connecting flights, and a couple of flight delays, which were both a curse and a blessing, makes for a very stressful trip back home. Thankfully we made it back to Toronto on the same night as planned, although a few hours later. Neither of us was looking forward to going into work the following morning.

West coast trip: California and Arizona
Arizona > The Grand Canyon

Day 9: As soon as we finished up at Sunset Crater, we made our way over to the Grand Canyon. The views were beyond amazing. Tip: If you’re pressed for time, like we were, driving along the desert view road allows you enough time to check out some great locations. Hiking just below the rim also provides you with an even better view, and most importantly, you can get away from the touristy crowds!

West coast trip: California and Arizona

Day 9: On our way up to the Grand Canyon, we dropped by Sunset Crater National Park. I think this is the closest I’ve gotten to seeing a volcano in person. Not a bad way to start out the morning—walking on an old lava bed.

West coast trip: California and Arizona
Los Angeles > Arizona

Day 8 continued: Joshua Tree National Park is definitely a photographer’s playground, that’s for sure! It’s too bad we didn’t have enough time to explore the entire park.